RV And Truck Maintenance While On The Road!

by Kevin Watson

We've received so many questions about how we maintain our RV and truck while on the road, so in this video, we tackle all things maintenance related!  Some maintenance items we tackle ourselves, and others such as oil changes and tire rotations are left to industry professionals as shown in this video.

You’ll watch as we grease the hitch and pin box along with the suspension of the trailer, before lubricating the jacks, slide mechanisms and slide seals.  You’ll get to see the upgrades we did to our trailer suspension before hitting the road fulltime.  We do some general maintenance to the steps, windows and key ports for each compartment door lock before changing the a/c and water filters throughout the RV. 

Last up is a quick inspection of the roof and checking all of the pressure in the tires.  

 Items Mentioned In This Blog:

 Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray
Microfiber Cloths
Dewalt 20V Max Vacuum
Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease Tube
Gen-Y Executive Pin Box
Black Lithium Grease
WD-40 Lubricant Spray
Blue Shop Towels
Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Fifth Wheel Lube Plate
Morryde X Factor Crossmembers
Morryde Heavy Duty Shackle Kit
3-In-One RV Slide Out Silicone Lube
Thetford Slide Seal Conditioner
16 Foot Aluminum Telescoping Ladder
3-In-One RV Window and Track
Coleman A/C Mach Air Filters
Onboard Flow PUR Water filter
Camco Taste PURE inline Water Filter
Lippert Tire Linc TPMS


 Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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