Over This! When Will It End!

by Kevin Watson

In what is becoming our norm in the northeast, it has rained and rained every day we have been in Vermont. We are beyond tired of sitting in the RV, so without much of a plan, we hit the road for some adventures, while the weather is good! Our first stop is to the Creamery Bridge, which we heard about from many of our viewers. They say it is a must stop when visiting Montgomery, Vermont, and we agree! Next up, we go to the Robb Family Sugar House, where they make maple syrup right on their farm! They show us the process of gathering the sap from the maple trees and how it is processed to make maple syrup! We even get to taste three different types of maple syrup they made!

We wing the next part of our adventures with stops all throughout the Green Mountains! We decide to play a game of “Vermont is…” so you’ll have to watch to see what all we come up with! We end our day at The Publyk House for dinner, which was excellent! To finish up, we catch up on our state sticker map, give a tour of the Brattleboro North KOA Journey campground in Brattleboro, Vermont and start packing everything up for our move day, since more rain is coming!

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