Our Worst Trip Yet!
We Didn’t Plan For This!

by Kevin Watson

We arrive in Princeton and are excited to see a lot of attractions while in West Virginia! Unfortunately, this was our worst trip ever! Unfortunately, our timing was terrible and we should have come to West Virginia a week later! You’ll have to watch to see why!

Our first stop is New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, where we got to see waterfalls, bridges and beautiful overlooks. Next, we decide to go see waterfalls! We start by trying to go to Brush Creek Falls, but the road leading to it was closed for construction. We go to Pipestem Falls, which is off of the main road and just a short walk to a great waterfall! On the way there, we see Pipestem Resort State Park, so instead of driving all over the state to see waterfalls, we decide to detour into the state park.

We also break-in our new Pit Boss pellet grill and give a tour of Brushcreek Falls RV Resort, where we have been staying! Kevin shares a tip to know when it is time to change out your water filters!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

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Pitboss Apple Pellets
Kosmos Q BBQ Rub
Kosmos Q BBQ
Phils Chair
Onboard Water Filters


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