Our Truck Needs MAJOR
Maintenance And Repairs!

by Kevin Watson

Our 2020 Ford F350 Platinum is in need of some major maintenance and repairs! Our onboard air system is broken, which means we can’t use our train horn! But, the more pressing issue is, we don’t have working airbags when towing! We also decide it is time to take care of some major maintenance items on the truck!

We do our best to stay on top of all of the required maintenance of our truck since we rely on it to tow us and our home all over the country. In a previous video, we learned a hard lesson with our brakes, when we went too far with them and it cost us big time! We thought we had more life left on our brakes, but after that incident, it made us reconsider the rest of the truck’s maintenance schedule.

We discover that while we are proactive on some of the items, there were several that were long overdue! Watch as we tackle all the big maintenance items, fix the onboard air system and get the truck checked out and ready to go for the rest of our trip!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

K&N VF2049 Cabin Air Filter
Viair 480C Air Compressor
Meguiars Claybar Kit
 Dewalt 20V Max Orbital Polisher
Dewalt 20V Max 4 AH Batteries
Lake Country Polishing Pads
Lucas Oil Slick Mist Spray
Microfiber Cloths
Meguiars Ultra Cut Compound
Mothers CMX Ceramic 3in1 Polish 


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

We Ruined Our Brakes! 


Installing Our Onboard Air System 


Upgrading the Onboard Air system! 


Installing A Remote Drain Valve In The Air System! 


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