New Roof From RV Armor
Plus New Gear

by Kevin Watson

It’s time for an RV Armor roof update!  Do we like how it turned out or are we disappointed?  This video gives you all of that information, plus we share a few details you'll want to know before the install, should you decide their roof is right for you!

We also got some new gear that we will take with us on our next adventure!  We were in need of a new cooler after our YETI failed, so when ICECO reached out to inquire if their ICECO JP42 3-in-1 Electric Cooler-iCooler would be a good fit for our travels, we said YES!  We are so excited to have more than just a cooler to put ice in, since the JP42 is a cooler, fridge or freezer, all in one!  It has A/C and D/C power options, so we think it will be the perfect addition to our travel lifestyle!  

We also reveal our new "Paving New Paths" merchandise with our viewers and how you can purchase it from us, as well as where our next adventure destination will be!

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