Our Home Needs A New Roof!

by Kevin Watson

We are the second owners of our 2020 Grand Design Momentum 397TH, so when we realized our roof was in need of a major repair, going the traditional "warranty" route with the manufacturer, was not an option. When we began researching roofs, we found there are three types: vinyl (like ours), TPO and direct-to-deck. We considered making an insurance claim, but being full-time, this option brought some drawbacks. The first downside was that it would need to be inspected by the insurance company, then fixed on their timeline, which isn't easy to coordinate when you live in your RV fulltime. A few other drawbacks were that we had a hard time finding insurance companies that would insure a fulltime RV'er, so filing a claim seemed risky, since we are very pleased with our current provider. Additionally, the insurance company would want us to replace the roof with the existing vinyl roof, which, after researching, we had decided wasn't the best option for us.

That lead us to RV Armor, which we paid for out of pocket!  This allowed us to avoid having to make an insurance claim, and was a product that we were confident wouldn't cause us any major problems in the future.  It offers a lifetime warranty, that is transferrable, should we sell the RV in the future and was approximately half the cost of purchasing a vinyl roof like we had before. Paying outright for the vinyl roof would cost us approximately $12,000, and we had no guarantee that we wouldn't see future problems just like the ones we were already experiencing!  We also liked that RV Armor sent a technician directly to us, so we didn't have to take the RV anywhere inconvenient to have it fixed.

Overall, the experience of working with RV Armor was great and we especially appreciate our RV Armor Technician, Nate, for allowing us to film, while he explained the process to us, along the way! He did a great job, was friendly and got the job done, as promised, and on time!

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