Our Ford F350 Needs Some Upgrades!

by Kevin Watson

After completing our first year of fulltime RV life, it was time for some upgrades to our 2020 Ford F350 dually! We put 44,000 miles on our truck in our first year of adventures, so the first upgrade we completed was upgrading the factory shocks with new Bilstein 5100 shocks.  Next, we upgraded our air bags from the Air Lift 5000's to the Air Lift 7500's and installed a lifetime washable aFe Power Air Filter to replace the factory filter that was becoming hard to find while on the road!  

We were very pleased with our factory Michelin LTX AT/2 tires, so we decided to purchase the same tire to replace our current set!  And for our last upgrade, we installed an Icon Dual Shock Steering Stabilizer Kit to help with bump steer and prevent the "Ford Death Wobble".

 Items Mentioned In This Blog:

 Airlift 7500 Airbags
Airlift Loadlifter 5000
Bilstein 5100 Front Shocks
Bilstein 5100 Rear Shocks
Icon Brackets and Kit
Icon 2.0 Shocks
Michelin LTX A/T 2



 Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Check Out Our Onboard Air System We Installed!


 Tour Our Truck And How We Set It Up For Fulltime RV Living!




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