Nothing Is Built To Last!
Not What It Used To Be!

by Kevin Watson

We’ve said it before, and we will probably say it again, but the old saying of “things happen in pairs” has never been truer! In fact, at this point, our “pairs” have pairs! We highlight some of the items that keep breaking, plus some new problems we are now facing!

First up, our air conditioner in the main living space of the RV is giving us trouble. We try and diagnose the problem to see if it will be a self-repair or if we will need an experts help.  Then, we address our internet issues with Nomad Internet. We have loved this service in the past, so we are hoping to find a provider that provides us the flexibility that we have had with Nomad. And last, we deal with leaky water hoses and a leaky Camco sewer hose.

We also try to start the task of thinning out the RV before we leave, because we have acquired a lot of things over the holidays! We’ll share the theme of our 2023 travel plans and all the details of where our path will lead this year!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Coleman Mach AC Motor
 Camco Sewer Hose
Black Zero G Hose
ATT Netgear Nighthawk Modem
Verizon InseeGo 5G Modem
Phils Chair


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Check Out How We organized the RV in the Beginning! 


The Day four brand new water hoses leaked out of the box!


All The Things That have Broken!

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