More RV Problems!
The Work Never Stops!

by Kevin Watson

We have been waiting on our new a/c motor to be delivered so that we could fix the a/c in our main living area. It has arrived to our RV park, so we tackle this project, before our family and friends arrive, in Fredericksburg. Kevin shows the steps he took to troubleshoot and fix the a/c, and it turns out to be a fairly easy project!

Our group finally arrives and brings our new bed cover with them! Because we used our warranty to get a new bed cover, after ours was scratched, we had to destroy it, per the company’s policy. We drilled the required three holes in it, but then had a little more fun, with destroying it! Who do you think had the best tool for the job?

We’d also like to thank Richard and Melinda Roberts for the special king pin sign they made and sent to us! We appreciate your kindness and think the sign turned out great!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

AC Replacement Motor
 Foil Tape
Fluke 1577 Multimeter
Bakflip MX4 Bed Cover
UWS Under Tonneau Tool Box
Dewalt 20VMax Cordless Drill Combo
Dewalt Battery Charger
Dewalt Batteries
Dewalt Jigsaw
Dewalt Reciprocating Saw
Dewalt Circular Saw 


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

When Our AC Motor Began Having Problems!


Why We Went With The MX4 Bedcover


All The Tools We Carry In Our Truck 


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