More Money Down The Drain!

by Kevin Watson

Did you know not everyone goes #2 in their RV? Until we started RV’ing, we had no idea that a lot of people don’t! Whether it be because they are afraid to use toilet paper in their RV for fear of the “poo pyramid” or being afraid of causing issues with their black tanks, there is a whole community of people who have a no #2 policy in their RV! We did a test in a previous video, where we put a wide variety of toilet paper, from RV specific to household quality, up against each other in a test environment. Our test results were that with agitation and enough water, all of the toilet paper, no matter the brand, broke down the same!

This video takes our previous test a step further. In the initial test, we used only water and toilet paper, and many of you requested that we add in different types of tank treatments to see if that would alter the results any.

We were also curious, as we spend a lot of money on tank treatments, and were curious to know if we were throwing money down the drain. For our test, we purchased Camco TST Max, Thetford AquaMax, Happy Campers and Unique RV Digest-It and put them to the test against each other to see which one is the most effective in breaking down the toilet paper and other particles in the tanks. The results surprised us so much, that we will be rethinking what products we use for our tank treatment, in the future!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Camco TST Max
 Thetford AquaMax
Happy Camper
Unique RV Digest It Treatment
Scotts RV Toilet paper
Charmin Ultra Strong
Testing Lab Table


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Check out The Toilet Paper Test Video!

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