Longest Day Ever!
Don't Do What We Did!

by Kevin Watson

There's a saying in our family, "Have a plan, and work the plan!" which we should have followed while visiting SeaWorld Orlando! Unfortunately, we did not have a plan in place upon arriving and it cost us a lot of extra time and walking, making for the longest day ever!

Our number one tip is that before arriving, you should download the SeaWorld app in advance!  Then you can plan your route for the day and decide what time all of the different shows are offered and where they are located within the park.  If we had done this, it would have saved us a lot of walking and would have allowed us to mix in other rides and attractions in between showtimes.

We give some other great tips throughout the video on how to save time and money while you visit SeaWorld and show you all the fun, we had along the way! This was a great adventure for both the kids and adults, and we can't wait to go back

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