It's Maintenance Time For The RV!

by Kevin Watson

After one year on the road and 16,000 miles on our RV, a 2020 Grand Design 397TH, it was time to complete some maintenance on our RV!  We wanted to wait until we were at our home base to complete these items, which included:  pulling the brake hubs and inspecting the brake pads and bearings, repacking the bearings with fresh grease, installing new grease seals and inspecting the entire system for any abnormalities.  We also pressure wash the RV's frame and spray a new coat of fluid film to help protect it from rust and corrosion.  

Before we set out on our next adventure, we also defrost the refrigerator and freezer and show you two quick-and-easy ways to fix the common Norcold RV refrigerator door alarm. And last, but not least, we give the RV a good wash, before setting out on our next adventure!

 Items Mentioned In This Blog:


 Lucas Oil Red N Tacky
CRC Brake Clean
Mechanic Disposable Gloves
Mechanic Work Rags
Fluid Film
Cutting Boards
Chemical Guys Ceramic Wash
Chemical Guys Foam Blaster
Chemical Guys Ceramic Wax 
Aero Cosmetics Wash Kit


 Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

How We Maintain Our Grey And Black Tanks!


How We Sanitize Our Freshwater System!


Our Truck Needed Some Upgrades As Well!


Our One-Year-Old RV needs a New Roof!

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