It's Finally Time To Upgrade!

by Kevin Watson

As we leave Old Orchard Beach for Bar Harbor, Maine, it continues to rain on travel day. We catch back up with our friends at our new campground and have dinner with them after setting up. The next morning, we have a special visitor greet us as we open up some packages that have been delivered. We have a new upgrade to our water filtration system that we have been excited to install, since it will help maximize our Blu Technology system!

On July 4th, we grill food and get ready for the evening’s festivities! Because we are running late, we decide to pack up our dinner and take it with us to enjoy a picnic while watching fireworks in Bar Harbor! We’ve heard traffic is horrible getting into Bar Harbor for the fireworks, so we decide to park at in a parking lot and wait for the trolley to pick us up to take us into Bar Harbor. As the pickup time passes, we wonder if a trolley will actually show up! Watch to find out how the evening went!

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