It Wasn’t Covered Under Warranty!

by Kevin Watson

We’re at Mr. Thomas’ RV today to fix a problem with his propane system. In the previous video, we installed GasStop Propane Emergency Shut Off Valves, however in the process we created another problem. After reaching out to GasStop, we found they have a solution for the problem we created with the pigtails. The problem was easily fixed, but is something you will need to look out for when ordering your own GasStop Valves.

Our truck has also been doing random things since Branson, when it got to freezing temperatures. Some things we have experienced are the time changing to military time randomly, the displays changing, seat not moving to correct driver’s position, etc. Our research shows that it may mean one, or both, of the batteries may be going bad.

We tested the batteries back when the air compressor was giving us issues, but improper testing may have resulted in us thinking that both batteries were in good working order. We decide to let the professionals test it after we independently test them the correct way. After visiting three battery dealers, we end up at the Ford dealership. Watch to see if our batteries are covered under the three-year warranty and what the resolution ends up being.

Last, we show how we winterize our RV to get ready for a Texas “winter”. We also discuss why we opted not to get a heater water hose and discuss why we sometimes use a space heater and furnace instead of our fireplace to heat our RV.

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Get Phil's Chair
 Fluke 1577 Multimeter/Megger
Klein Tools Multimeter
Water Pressure Regulator
Camco Rhinoflex Sewer Hose
Camco Sidewinder
Zero G Water Hose
Valterra Waste Valve
Space Heater 


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