It Saved The RV Twice!
Money Well Spent!

by Kevin Watson

We share all of the upgrades we have made that have made fulltime RV living more convenient, more comfortable and safer!  While this certainly isn’t all that we have upgraded, we felt we would share some of our top upgrades with you, in hopes of making your RV experience better!

Our very first upgrade was made before we even slept one night in the RV!  We’ve all heard the horror stories of the stock mattresses, so we did a lot of research, before deciding to purchase the Signature Hybrid mattress from by Brooklyn Bedding.  We’ve since, upgraded both mattresses in the toyhauler to Dreamfoam Essential Foam mattresses from RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding, as well.

We take you through some of our outdoor component upgrades, such as, pin box upgrades, suspension components, onboard surge protector, electrical adapters and more, before showing you the upgrades that made our truck more capable on travel days.  Last, we take you inside the RV, to explain why things like our Oxygenics shower head and washer and dryer were must-have upgrades for our travel lifestyle!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Gen-Y Executive Pin Box
 Load Lifter 7500 Air Bags
Bilstein Front Shocks
Bilstein Rear Shocks
Equaflex Equalizers
Morryde Shackle Kit
Morryde Crossmembers
PI Surge Protector
Maxxair Roof Vents
Maxxair Smoke Vent Covers
Hisense Dehumidifier
Splendide Washing Machine
Splendide Dryer
Oxygenics Shower Head
RecPro Sewer Storage Tube
Valterra Waste Free Valve
Camco Rhino Flex Sewer
Camco Sewer Wye Fitting
Camco Sewer Tee Fitting
Camco Sewer 90 Degree
Camco 50 amp to 50 amp 90 degree
Camco 50 amp to 30 amp
Camco 50 amp to 15 amp 


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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Why We Went With The Gen-Y Pin Box


Installing Airbags and Shocks On Our F350!


Our Onboard Air System


More Info On The Blue Technology Water Filter 

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