It’s Worse Than We Thought!

by Kevin Watson

Today is the day!  We head to the hospital for Alecia’s long-awaited surgery day!  We arrive at the hospital mid-morning, expecting surgery to happen soon, but plans change.  After reviewing the CT scan, the Orthopedic Surgeon finds that the surgery is going to be more extensive than he originally thought, so Alecia’s surgery is moved to the last one of the day, and we don’t get to leave until late in the evening. 

Kevin makes a quick trip to the RV to clean out our fridge and gets to use our EBL Portable Power Station and Iceco 3-in-1 Cooler to keep our food cold during surgery.  Then he makes a quick trip to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions before going back to the hospital to pick up Alecia.  

Special thanks to some of our hometown heroes and all of our viewers for all of your sweet gestures and kindness during this time!    

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