It’s Been A While Since We’ve Done This!

by Kevin Watson

Today, we brace ourselves for a long move day! We leave Vermont to head back to New York, except this time, we are going to Watkins Glen, which will be a lot different than New York City! After getting to New York, Kevin and our friend Cody install RVAC Solutions Soft Starters to our three a/c’s. We have had a few instances in the northeast where we had to decide between 50AMP and no sewer or 30AMP and sewer. We are hoping our new soft start upgrades will mean we no longer have to go without sewer, while still having the ability to run all three a/c’s, when we are faced with RV parks that are set up this way.

We also go on a few outings with our friends Cody and Angela from the YouTube channel, Untethered. Our first stop is to a dirt track racing event at the Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, New York! It was equally as terrifying as it was entertaining, and we all had a great time! Next up, we go to the Watkins Glen State Park to hike. While it was very crowded, it was still very enjoyable, and the waterfalls didn’t disappoint! We ended our hike with lunch at The Tiki Bar on Seneca Lake, where the kids play in a sand pit while we enjoy the beautiful views! For our last adventure, we go to Watkins Glen International Raceway for a “Drive The Glen” track experience!

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