Is RV Toilet Paper A Waste Of Money?

by Kevin Watson

We decided to make a really CRAPPY video all about #2! Do you have a #2 policy in your RV? How do you handle the #2 in your RV? We have often wondered how everyone else handles their #2 and whether or not others allow #2 in their RV!  If #2 is allowed, what toilet paper is everyone using and are you concerned if you are throwing money down the drain on RV specific toilet paper?

We were curious about what really happens in the holding tanks, so we bought a wide range of #2 toilet paper to see how things look inside our "holding tanks". The results might surprise you on what #2 toilet paper is best for RV's!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

 CampaSoft Toilet Paper
Camco RV and Marine Toilet Paper
Scotts RV Rapid Dissolving
Scotts 1000 Toilet Paper
Great Value Soft & Strong
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush
Cottonelle Ultra Clean Toilet Paper
Angel Soft Toilet Paper
Top Secret Testing Lab Folding Table


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