Is It Time To Upgrade The Tow Rig?

by Kevin Watson

After checking in to Sun Outdoors Mystic and not seeing a sewer hook-up, we head to the office to confirm that our site, along with all of the others at the campground, do not have sewer. They confirm this unfortunate news, but let us know that when we are ready to leave, they do have a dump station.

We strategize on ways to conserve water, since our black tanks are nearing 100% full. We decide Alecia will shower at the bathhouse, we will buy paper products for eating to reduce dishwashing and will do our laundry in the RV park’s laundry facility.

We have some fun days in the RV park, with a pool day, grilling, listening to live music and even playing in a cornhole tournament! Some of our viewers come for a visit and get us thinking that it might be time to trade in the dually! Watch to see if we think our initial thought that this campground is overpriced remains the same after we’ve stayed a few days!

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