How We Move Our Home On Wheels!

by Kevin Watson

We usually start packing up the night before a travel day to help get us on the road quicker. Tomorrow’s travel day is very short, so we get a late check-out from the RV park since we can’t arrive early to the next campground, and decide to do all of our packing on travel day. We have a whopping 21-mile journey to get to Richmond, Rhode Island.

Ashlyn has become increasingly curious about what the steps are when we are packing up the outside of the RV and getting the truck hitched up, so she helps in some of the steps as Kevin explains to her how we get the RV ready to move! We share a tip on how to make your OneControl system work better and how we plan to make our air compressor system last longer than our previous one!

As we arrive to the campground in Rhode Island, we know we won’t have sewer while here as we had to decide between a site with full hook-ups and 30 AMPS or no sewer and 50 AMPS. We decided it may be hot, so we opted out of having sewer in favor of being able to run all three A/C’s.

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Phils Chirs
 B&W Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch
Gen-Y Executive Pin Box
Lube Plate
MX4 BakFlip Bed Cover
Airlift Airbags
UWS Under Tonneau Tool Box
Rough Country Seat Covers
Pressure Regulator
Wheel Chocks 


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