How To Sanitize Your Freshwater System!

by Kevin Watson

We show you our process of sanitizing our RV’s freshwater tanks and how simple it really is!  When we began RV’ing, we thought this maintenance item seemed a bit intimidating, since it involves adding bleach into the lines you get your drinking water from!  We break down the steps involved and show you that you, too, can confidently sanitize your freshwater tanks with ease! 

We also do the necessary hot water tank maintenance, where we show you how to ensure there is no heat or water pressure before starting any work on the tank.  You’ll also learn about flushing and cleaning the hot water heater tank and how to remove the anode rod, before showing you how we bring our system back online after the maintenance is complete.

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Water Heater Anode Rods
Camco Inline Water Filter
Flow Pur Onboard Filter
5 Gallon Bucket
Zero G Fresh Water Hose
Zero G Black Water Hose
Flow Meter
4 FT Garden Hose
Brass Shut Off Valve
Measuring Cup


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Want to know how we maintain our Black and Grey tanks!


Maintenance Time For The RV!

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