How Not To Fix Your Furnace!
Plus Water Leaks!

by Kevin Watson

Our furnace is not functioning correctly, and after three days of troubleshooting, and nearly $100, we still have not fixed the problem. We start our troubleshooting journey by testing and changing out the furnace’s sail switch. Unfortunately, that did not fix our problem.

Our next step is to call a RV technician, who thought our problem might be the control board. Since he did not have the part on hand and could not have one delivered for 7-10 days, Kevin begins researching the control board replacement on his own. He finds one available at a local RV dealership, changes the part out and once again, it is not fixed!

After researching the user manual and schematics for the furnace, we determine the problem is probably the limit switch. The limit switch is located behind the wall in our basement, so it is quite the job to get to it. We take the wall down, test the limit switch and it is working properly.

More user manual research says to check the temp switch and thermostat. While we initially thought the temp switch was on the actual furnace, it was actually the thermostat on the OneControl system. After resetting our OneControl, the furnace began working as normal!

While we had the basement wall down, we discovered a leak on the cold side of our hot water tank. We also address a problem that has been occurring with our shower drain, as it has begun draining very slowly over the past week. It requires a trip to the Blue Store and a few new tools, but we finally get all of our issues resolved!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Pex Crimping Tool
 Pex Crimps
Fluke 1577 Multimeter
Sail Switch
Suburban Control Board
Suburban Limit Switch


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