How Did We Get Here?
Who Is Paving New Paths?

by Kevin Watson

It’s the week of our one-year YouTube anniversary, so we decided it was time to dive in to who we are and how we got here!  It was never our intention to have a YouTube channel that extended outside of family and friends, but with a little luck, and a lot of hard work, we have grown our Paving New Paths community beyond our wildest imaginations!

We wouldn’t be here without those of you who choose to be in community with us, and for you, we are thankful!  You have given us the gift of time with our children, for which, we could never repay. 

If you have a dream of going fulltime in an RV, or have another dream that you haven’t started living, we encourage you to watch this video, as we hope to inspire you to pave your own path!  Your path to happiness can only be decided by you, so start “Paving New Paths” today!


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