How Did She Do?

by Kevin Watson

Come along as we travel from St. Augustine, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina! We have over 300 miles to cover on this trip, so it's a long day of travel for us, after having several shorter moves from our time in Florida.  Learn how we save on fuel by using our TSD Logistics Fuel Card Open Roads - Home ( and how buying DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) at the pump saves us a lot of money!

We make it to Oak Plantation Campground in Charleston, South Carolina, where Alecia attempts to park the RV for the first time! Watch to find out if she is successful or not!


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

This Is Part Of Our Day in the Life Series: St Augustine Florida! Check The Entire Week out Here!


Check out the Video from our On-Board Air System Install!


 Information on our GEN-Y Executive Pin box and why we made the change!


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