Grand Design & Lippert Safety Issue!
Immediate Recall Needed

by Kevin Watson

We have safety in mind for this episode, where we install GasStop Propane Emergency Shut Off Valves into our friend’s RV. We think these are a great addition to RV’s that rely on propane, especially if you have the propane on while traveling down the road. We recently had an incident with our neighbor’s propane, that made it even more clear that GasStop’s should be used by everyone, to help prevent propane leaks! We also head to the Orthopedic Surgeon for, what we hope is, Alecia’s final check-up! You’ll have to watch to see what Alecia’s concern is, when speaking with her Surgeon!

Phil and Phil’s chair join Kevin to oversee some much-needed maintenance on our water filters. We’ve had our Blu Technology R3 Water Filtration System for awhile now, and it’s been three months since we changed the filters. We noticed slow flow in our showers when hooked up to city water, but the flow is great when we use our onboard water pump, which lets us know that it is time to change the filters.

Last, we address the MAJOR safety issue from the HappiJac system that is installed in our Toyhauler. Alecia read about this problem recently, then a neighbor in our RV park experienced this problem. We read up on some of the ways to fix the issue, some of which will void the warranty from Grand Design and Lippert, but ultimately decided that fixing it ourselves, was worth it to keep our family and pet safe.

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Flow Pur 8 Onboard Water Filters
 Onboard Water filter Wrench
Camco 90 Degree 50 amp adapter
1/4 inch x 4 inch hitch pins
Zero G Water hose
Adjustable Water pressure regulator 


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Check out our New R3, Three Stage Water Filter By Blu Technolgy!

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