Ford F350
Gets An Onboard Air System!

by Kevin Watson

We firmly believe every dually needs a train horn!  To complete the train horn set-up, we installed Viair Onbaord Air System, Airlift Airbags and the mighty Kleinn train horns on a 2017 Ford F350.  This air system includes an ultra-duty compressor that puts out 200 psi of working pressure that's stored in the onboard 2.5-gallon air tank. The purpose of this system was so that the newly installed Airlift 5000 Airbags could be controlled from inside the cab of the truck.  

Since we had the onboard capability, we added a remote air chuck on the rear bumper to run air tools and to air up tires on the truck and RV.  Last, we added some fun by installing a Kleinn Triple Train Horn, because, why not!?  If you’re interested in installing these products on your truck, this is the video for you! 

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Airlift Loadlifter 5000
 Airlift 200 PSI Gauge
Viair Utra Duty 200PSI
Kleinn Air Horns 230
Viair 6 Port Manifold
Viair Digital Inflation Kit
Viair 1/4 NPT Plugs (5 Pack)
Viair 1/4 Male NPT to 1/4 Male
1/4 Push lock Tee Fitting
Universal Compressor Mount
Airlift 30 ft, 1/4 inch hose
2 inch Hole Saw
12 AWG Wire


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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