Exploring Fort Morgan
Gulf Shores Alabama

by Kevin Watson

We start our adventure by taking in some history at Fort Morgan State Historic Site in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where we explored Fort Morgan and all of the exhibits they have inside of the fort.  Then we went to Fort Morgan Beach where it felt like we had the entire beach to ourselves!  It was too chilly to swim in the water, but we were able to dip our feet in the water, play in the sand and collect a few seashells.

This was the first time using our new ICECO JP42 cooler, so we got to test it out to see how well it kept ice over a long period of time!  It impressed us overall and we are happy with how well this 3-in-1 cooler (fridge/freezer/cooler) is fitting into our everyday life.

 Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Gulf State Park! Gulf Shores, Alabama!


 The Wharf! Gulf Shores, Alabama!


 Welcome To Gulf Shores, Alabama!


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