Don't Waste Your Money On A F450!
What Truck Is Best For Pulling An RV?

by Kevin Watson

In this video, we have a special guest appearance from "The Ford F450" as we tackle the often-debated question in the RV world of, "Do I need a F450 or F350 to pull my RV?"  We compare all the stats of the F450 and the F350 and discuss all of the similarities and differences between the two trucks.  We have a turning radius shoot-out and find out if the F450 really turns as good as we have all heard!

Next up, we do some unloaded driving to compare the ride and comfort of both trucks before heading to the RV park to hook up our Grand Design 397TH Momentum Toyhauler to do some real-world towing tests.  To see which truck tows the best, we load the RV down to as close to max capacity as possible, before heading to the scales see what the true weight numbers are.  We then tow the RV with both trucks and compare notes to see which one does the better job!

We have a parking contest with both rigs at the RV park to see how the turning radius affects maneuverability and wrap up the video with some closing thoughts on our opinions of both trucks.  Make sure you stick around for the special guest appearance at the end of the video!


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