Don’t Make The Same Mistakes We Made!

by Kevin Watson

On day two of exploring Washington D.C., we decide not to fall into the same trap we did the first day we explored the area by walking to all of the different memorials and monuments. Today, we are utilizing all of the public transportation to get from place to place, including the subway and the bus system!

We start our day at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, but it wasn’t without a little learning curve on how the bus system works. Next up, was the Korean War Veterans Memorial, which was a highlight of our trip. For our last stop of the day, we make it to the United States Capitol, where we have perfect accidental timing for the last tour of the day to see the Capitol Rotunda! It got us out of the rain and was so neat to see. We glance at the Supreme Court building before heading to Union Station for our last subway ride of the day!

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