Broken Truck And No Heat!
Bad Way To Start The Week!

by Kevin Watson

It wouldn’t be RV’ing without problems, right? We aren’t short on problems and in this video, we troubleshoot a problem we’ve been having with our furnace not heating. We aren’t sure if it is the sail switch or control board, so we work to find the problem. After digging into the problem, and borrowing a spare part from our neighbor, we are able to rule out a few of the problems we thought it might be. Unfortunately, it will take more time, and parts, to find the root of the problem.

We pause on troubleshooting the furnace problems to go on an adventure day with our family and friends. We are stuck driving Phil and Lolo’s Dodge truck, as our Ford dually is also having problems. We decide we do not want to drive our truck until we can get it to a dealer for diagnosis.

Our first adventure takes us to Natural Bridges Caverns, where we go on a guided tour through the cavern. The following day, we went to Canyon Lake Gorge and went on a hike. It was a nice hike with lots of shade, resting areas and overlooks! We ended our day grilling and playing a friendly game of Super Bowl squares while we watched the big game!

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Pitboss Pellet Grill
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Kosmos Q Wing Dust


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