Believing etrailer
Will Cost You Double!

by Kevin Watson

Have you ever had days where you feel like quitting RV life? In this video, everything seems to be breaking at once, and it had us seriously questioning RV life! We start with a broken LCI slam latch on our baggage doors, which leads to us having to take everything out of the storage area to get to the latch so we can open the door. Then our couch pull handle broke for the third time and our tail light lenses on the back of the RV all cracked for the second time. Last, we have a problem with the MaxxAir fan in our main bathroom.

After a lot of troubleshooting with the MaxxAir fan, we finally decide to order a new control board and lid lift motor to help us fix our problem. We also order the pull handles and taillight lenses so that we can resolve those issues. Then, we begin researching how to fix the broken slam latch. In contacting Grand Design and giving them our VIN number, they easily tell us what the part numbers are and what the cost will be. Surprisingly, they told us not to order from them since they are so costly. Instead, they said we should contact a dealer for a cheaper price. You’ll want to watch to see why we got etrailer involved and how we caught them in a lie.

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Phils Chair
 Optronics Lens Covers
Couch Pull Handles
Maxx Air Roof Motor


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