All Alone…

by Kevin Watson

Today, Kevin travels back to Cypress Bend RV Park in Many, Louisiana to pick up the RV all alone!  Since tomorrow is surgery day for Alecia, it’s up to Kevin to finish packing up the inside of the RV, to get it ready to travel back to east Texas.  He’s never had to pack the inside without Alecia’s help, so watch to see how he does!

Kevin also goes through the steps involved on how to move an RV if you’re ever by yourself and don’t have help getting in or out of your RV site.  The main advice we share is never be afraid to get out and look, even if you have to get out several times!  It’s better to be safe than sorry!  For this move, he has to be cautious of the tail swing and his positioning of getting the RV out of the site, and he shows you how to back in to the new RV site when you are by yourself!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

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MORryde Step Above
Lippert Equa-Flex
 MORryde Shackle Kit
MORryde X Factor Crossmembers
Tire Linc TPMS
Gas Stop Safety Valve
90 degree 50amp Adapter
King Pin Lock
Maxxhaul Wheel Chocks
Fifth Wheel Lube Plate




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Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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